Storm’s Post on BBC’s New Hans Zimmer Documentary

Hans Zimmer: Hollywood Rebel: The story of one of the most celebrated and sought-after movie composers, as told by the man himself and his closest collaborators in this new documentary, which Storm had the pleasure of working on the the full post production for. Across a glittering 40-year career, Hans Zimmer has redefined the movie score, thrilling audiences, pioneering new techniques and introducing new generations to the drama of orchestral music. In this portrait, Hans reveals the musical secrets of his craft, with contributors including directors Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, and Steve McQueen. Storm accommodated a fully hybrid editing set-up for this project, which allowed teams to work flexibly, as well as optimally, throughout the production.

Cameras used: FX9, FS5, A7S, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema, iPhone, UGC footage and more. Storm received several hours of 4k UHD performance footage (filmed on various different cameras, including RED). These were processed in different ways, with the RED footage being transcoded in Resolve. A high-volume of different archive also came in, which was mainly ingested in Avid. Storm provided a full hybrid set-up for this project (via Parsec), so that the editors and edit producers had the option of working remotely when desired. Avid Editorial Management (Media Central) was the browser-based system used by the Edit Producers to easily view and pull rushes clips onto a sequence for the Offline Editors to access. Markers/annotations (with automatic time-code stamps) were also used to directly communicate shot notes to the editors.

Storm felt very strongly that the exceptional standard of Hans Zimmer’s music was maintained throughout the programme. We really wanted to emphasise this to ensure the audience could hear the music as it was intended by Hans. Our Dubbing Mixer worked relentlessly in Pro Tools, using all the tools at his disposal, to ensure that was emphasised and that the source quality was as best as possible for the final film.

Picture Finishing
The Online & Grade was done using DaVinci Resolve, by the same editor and in the same session. This gives production the best and most efficient use of time. The editor used a huge amount of the Resolve Neural Deinterlacer combined with noise reduction and also dipping into Fusion for invisible screen replacements. He also extensively used Resolve's toolset to fluid choices of frame rate conversion of film clips without frame skips/duplicate frames using optical flow and built-in slewing techniques to preserve the image quality where possible. In addition to the UK, multiple international versions were also created for worldwide distribution.

Produced by: BBC Studios NHU
Director: Frank Hanly
Production Manager: Michelle Clinton
Full Post-Production: Storm
Picture Finishing Editor: Paul Ingvarsson
Dubbing Mixer: David Ingram
Post Producer: Anna Beaven
Post Coordinator: Clarice Flack
Technical Assistants: Charlie Matthews, Sam Keene, Clint Ivanov, Niele Peart

Full Post including Ingest, Offline, Online, Grading, GFX, Audio Mix, QC and Delivery.

UK TX Sun 16th Oct 2022 – BBC Two

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