Post Production Supervision – NFTS Course

Post Production Supervision – NFTS Course

Post Super founder Gemma Nicholson runs this excellent course for the NFTS

Post Production. The importance of establishing a solid post production pipeline early on in the development of making a film or tv series is crucial.

This is the stage when all the ideas, script, performances, Picture, VFX and Sound come together, and are moulded into the final product. Done well, work carried out in Post can elevate a TV show or film to greatness, done poorly, it can overshadow a brilliantly written piece or even a performance of a lifetime.

This complex area of filmmaking requires a steady hand to oversee, and Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators are these key project managers. An experienced Post Team will collaborate with creative producers, directors and studio executives. They will help corral large groups of extremely talented creatives to complete the task of finishing a project, on time, on budget and allowing them to be as imaginative and innovative as possible. All this culminates in allowing the project the best chance of critical and commercial success upon release.

The Post Management Team must have a wide range of skills at their disposal; an encyclopaedic knowledge of Post Production and aptitude for adapting to constantly changing technical requirements. They must have good instincts about people management, managing big creative personalities and a well-developed support system within the industry. Further to this, they must have strong financial acumen to keep the schedule and budget on track. Keen observation and organisational skills and the ability to communicate well are paramount to becoming successful in this field.

This new part-time Certificate course delivered in partnership with WarnerMedia/HBOAccess and Netflix is designed to give you a grounding in all the different areas that are key in post management. From technical, scheduling and budgetary information and experience to building relationships within the industry. The course is predominantly delivered via a weekly lecture over webinar, and we plan to deliver five face to face Saturdays in London at the NFTS base in Golden Square, where we will teach the elements needed to develop your career in Post, with insight from influential industry figures along the way.

What you will study –

The applications for this course are now welcomed for intake Spring 2022, the deadline for submissions is end of September 2021.

Last Updated 28/07/2021



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