Time, Space… and Post Sound at Black Edge

Black Edge Sound Studios have just completed full audio post on the HETV Sci-Fi feature, GALWAD. The production is due to air in October on Sky Arts. Alongside a busy post production schedule, Black Edge continue to provide premium audio content to the post production industries with their sound library range, which is now available as part of the Sounddogs catalog. A world renown distributor of high end sound effects content.

The team at Black Edge have also recently expanded their flagship studio’s Avid S1 system to 32 faders.

“With our latest expansion plans, we’ll be upgrading our editing and design studios to 16 faders using the Avid S1 and Dock hardware. I’ll be adding a Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment mixing suite in 2023, which will be predominately used for HETV and small-medium budget features”

Nick Dixon

Supervising Sound Editor/Studio Director

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