Outloud Audio – NYC/LA Locations Elevate Tech Roles

In support of its decades-long commitment to delivering the highest quality audio and a superior client experience using the latest technology, Outloud Audio has created a Senior Mixer and Technical Manager role in each of its locations. Mark Kondracki, founder and Principal of Outloud Audio, has named senior mixers Jordan King in Los Angeles and Jun Torii in New York to the posts.

Both King and Torii have been mixers at Outloud Audio for more than eight years. They bring a wealth of experience to their technical leadership roles, which is gleaned from their thousands of hours recording audio for live action and animated TV and film, video games, VO, and advertising projects. They each also possess a strong background in technology, along with deep knowledge of industry standards and practices and of Outloud Audio’s consistent processes for workflow, media intake, encryption, playback, and delivery across all of its stages. 

Kondracki has always been keen to ensure consistency across the client experience so productions can seamlessly record and edit on any of his five stages in Los Angeles and three stages in New York City. With the strategic integration of mixing and tech, Kondracki, King, and Torii will work closely together to optimize data management, data and media security, uptake of tech and security specifications from the studio’s high-end media and tech clients, connectivity with third-party studios, and emerging AI technologies. 

Kondracki designed the roles so that the studio can continue to evaluate and leverage dialogue recording and technology best practices with the larger, highly experienced Outloud engineering team. Outloud Audio’s engineers are the frontline audio and tech partners to the studio’s many clients and with talent. With the addition of these leadership positions, Outloud remains poised to deliver the highest quality recording process and customized production files to each client, especially as technology transforms how the world works together.

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