Newsletter: 5 May 2023

Hey Post Supers!

Happy Friday… End of another week and it’s almost the end of this current email series about the different parts of our work here at Post Super! Today we want to talk about the last of our “pillars” – Tools!

Post Supervision & Management is a difficult task… We all know it. Twenty-five years ago, our roles (as we currently know them) hardly existed but now there are hundreds of people doing this work in the UK & thousands worldwide. A good Post Supervisor should be THE point person for Post – The Line Producer or Production Manager for Post Production but there are many variables to what we do, we are dealing with technology, creative talent, facilities, different software & pulling that all together is a very specialised job – the best people make it look easy. But it is anything but.

So how do we do it? What tools do we use? Well. We carefully formulate our plans – Deliverables, Workflow, Budget, Schedule, Tracking documents, bringing everything together seamlessly (or as close to as possible…!) At the moment we do it with a jumble of Excel or Google docs, but really we deserve much much better… And that is shaping the direction that we are taking here with tools at Post Super.

First of all, we have been tracking different tools that are currently on the market & talking carefully with those providers (or potential providers) to see what COULD be developed. We have definitely stuck our oar in sometimes, pointing out issues & shaping development but there is nothing on the market yet that comes close to what we REALLY need. Close. But not yet.

With regards to what we have developed – Well we have contributed by creating a truly global directory of over 250 Post Production Facilities, vendors, services, as well as over 440 creatives & freelancers worldwide. It’s a start and we are proud of what we achieved, but there is more to do & we add to our numbers every week.

Have a look here

The joined up solution we deserve is close… And we are actively chasing that dream. Stick with us lovely Post Supers… It’s going to be a fun couple of years!!

Gemma & Jess x

P.S One final thing…We wanted to take this opportunity to mention and thank our wonderful sponsor Residence Pictures for their ongoing support in helping us to bring exclusive content and much needed training to our members. We look forward to continuing to work together on new and exciting projects to benefit this growing community of Post Supers…

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