Newsletter: 4 April 2023

So in last week’s email we teased the fact that we were going to tell you all more about Post Super & not only how far we have come over the last three years but also where we want to take this in the future & how you can be more involved. 

First we need to start at the beginning to tell you about all the different aspects of our work! Because we don’t JUST do training!😂

When Jess & I started Post Super, we decided to make sure that anyone managing Post Production had access to everything they needed in one place… And so we very quickly started to call Post Super an online PLATFORM with four pillars… 

1. Community/Industry Support – So you can be part of a community that can support you…

2. Information – For our members to stay informed & up to date with everything going on in technology & the industry generally.

3. Training – If you feel well trained & we can provide access to courses for any skills deficits you may have come to the role with this would easily keep that pesky imposter syndrome at bay!

4. Tools – We wanted to help you do the work of actually managing Post Production with online tools!

The aim was that for the idea of Post Super to REALLY flourish, we needed to have all of those pillars to make it a success. And so we set about establishing just that! Calling pretty much anyone we could think of to make them take notice! And they did! We called people & called again, but you know, we came to realise that there were already other people doing exactly the same thing… Champions of our industry of Post Supervisors & Producers, who were already out there, trying to help as much as they could from their respective areas. Post Super would not exist without the fabulous early support from Neil Hatton (UK Screen Alliance),Cynthia Kanner (Warner Media), Alison Beckett, Sarah Parfitt (Netflix), Jon Wardle (NFTS), Gareth Kirkman (BFC), Dolby, ScreenSkills & Layla Blackman… all of whom have our deepest thanks. Also the early support we received from the UK PPS crowd was phenomenal – We can’t thank you all enough, you made it happen WITH us & also all deserve respect.

And we will also say there are other companies out there doing a brilliant job of each of the pillars – other companies that provide training or information to our members or facilities who have offered events… We have always said that if it doesn’t exist we will create it, but if it does exist we will support it. We see no need to reinvent the wheel. Thank you also for your work – we will happily keep promoting it!

But, our vision for Post Super doesn’t stop where we are right now! We feel we are only part of the way… Each of those Pillars needs more work, they each need to be fully developed & only once they are fully formed will we genuinely have an ecosystem that works!
And our membership is still not where we want it to be…

Currently we have approx 2800 members of the community, our demographics are that we have good coverage over the UK & into Europe, we reach across the rest of the world, past the US to as far away as South Africa & Australia (shout outs to all of our friends over different parts of the world!!) But we want to go further & reach more people. Our main target for growth is the USA.

So can we please ask you this…If you could do one thing today to help us, please can you reach out to your AMERICAN FRIENDS & COLLEAGUES. Tell them how great we are!!! And that they should be part of the gang! Because that is how we have grown so far – One PPS emailing the next, to share the good news that there is a home for us…

But what is next you say…? You promised us more information!!

We did promise & it’s coming… Over the next few newsletters we will take each one of the above mentioned pillars & explain everything we do in each area… Where we are & how we want to grow. We will be leaving no stone unturned, we want you to see everything. 
First one is obvious… Community…

We also wanted to take this opportunity to mention and thank our wonderful sponsor Sohonet for their ongoing support in helping us to bring exclusive content and much needed training to our members. We look forward to continuing to work together on new and exciting projects to benefit this growing community of Post Supers…For more info on Sohonet, click here 

Gemma & Jess x