Newsletter: 28th March 2023

Hello lovelies, okay, I have a different type of email for you today… 

As you know, Post Super has been going for almost three and a half years & it has grown so much more than Jess or I ever dreamed when we first launched the website two weeks before covid struck! (Yikes… that was fun!) We have naturally evolved and grown over the last few years (from 100 members initially to over 2,800 now!) & we have been reflecting on this for the last couple of weeks.

It strikes us that although we have evolved & grown, we more than ever need to communicate our overall VISION for the next few years! We need to do this for a couple of different reasons. Firstly because lots of you have joined us mid way through this adventure & missed our “why” at the start and second because we know that some of you would like to be more involved. Our success feels very much like your success, we are making a huge amount of strides through the industry & we don’t want this to slow down, we want it to speed up!

So Jess & I am kicking off a series of newsletters so that we can tell you more about Post Super and all the different moving parts… I hope you enjoy… But first of all we wanted to share something simple.

What do we want you to… 

KNOW – Post Super is a PLATFORM dedicated to great Post Production Supervision & Management within Film & TV!

THINK – We work tirelessly on your behalf, on many different fronts at the same time!

FEEL – We want you to feel like you are part of a movement, a change in the way managing Post Production is done / taught / acknowledged…

DO – We want you to get involved with this community, offer your support, time or money to help us take this further!

Finally we just wanted to say thank you. We hope you enjoy finding out more about us over the next few weeks!

Gemma & Jess x