Newsletter: 28 April 2023

Yay, It is Friday again lovely Post Supers! Again, what a week… So much to do, so much that didn’t get done! (As ever!)

So we wanted to talk to you about training WE RUN this week… As you know training is a general tenet of the Post Super ethos, we believe everyone should have access to, AND DO training. All the best people out there are always learning. Gemma & Jess’s Dad always said to them that “when you stop learning you really should get a new job!” And it is true, training can make you feel engaged, it keeps you interested & should be good FUN!

We have had feedback from lots of you on training & we acknowledge that there are distinct differences in different ways that different groups of people DO Post, plus it needs to be pitched at the right level. Film is different to High End Episodic and that is different again to Factual. It’s done differently in the UK, the US & in Europe… That’s why we try to split these up & create training which explains the differences, yes, but also the commonalities that can also be shared.

So what do we do?

We run a series of courses for anyone who will ask us to train!

1. We run our Premium Membership, This is membership access to all our premium content & will one day soon become a definitive “HOW TO guide to Post Management” We currently have just our Film & Episodic TV membership, but we will shortly be releasing our Non Scripted & Factual membership too! Yay! The training encompasses the many parts listed below!

Picture, Sound, VFX
Budgeting & Scheduling
Leadership & Negotiating
Networking (Premium membership specific)
Forums for knowledge sharing

If you would like to join our Premium Membership, click here

2. We run a series of 1, 3, 5 or 10 day courses on an introduction to Post Production which incorporates Post Supervision, people have used these for…

Onboarding training for Post Facility staff
Introducing Post to students studying other disciplines
Producer training
Outreach for under-represented groups

If you would like to know more about those courses, please email Michael here

3. Next, Gemma runs the NFTS Course for Post Supervision… We are currently running the 4th cohort of this course & it has been incredibly successful. Ninety percent of our graduates WORK in Post Production Management & we have former students who run are Post Supervisors, Coordinators, Post Execs… you name it! This course is only as successful as it is because of the ongoing contributions of many of the UK’s top Post Facilities, Post Producers & Supervisors to it, plus the ongoing support of Warner Media Access, Netflix & Amazon Prime. Please know that the deadline for application to the next cohort is 4th May 2023 so if you want to apply you might have to get your skates on! Please apply here 

4. We consult for other companies & run a variety of different training for other providers (Screenskills, Equal Access Network etc) & we tailor that training to what THEY need us to provide… it changes every time. We will let you know next time there is any FREE training from them that you can apply for…

Finally… We wanted to take this opportunity to mention and thank our new & wonderful sponsor Blackmagic Design for their support in helping us to bring exclusive content and much needed training to our members. We look forward to working together on new and exciting projects to benefit this growing community of Post Supers…

And that’s it!

Next week is TOOLS…

Thanks for reading!

Gemma & Jess x