Newsletter: 17 May 2023

We are busy bees at Post Super HQ this week and the sunshine is finally out!

You have heard a lot from us in the last few week’s newsletters about what directions Post Super is pushing forward in whether it be in Community, Information, Training or our Tools. We would love to hear your experiences, opinions and any feedback so we can serve you in the best way…please reach out to me (Jess) by replying to this email, I love hearing from you and your ideas are invaluable!

So, what we will be trying to do from now on in each newsletter, is to bring you news on each of our “pillars”! So with that in mind…


We have some brilliant new articles on the Knowledge Base, but there is ONE significant one. Gemma is heavily involved with TAP Project, it is the Television Access Project. This relates directly to resources for people to employ more Deaf & Disabled People in TV. The article includes downloadable resources and key Guidelines for Disability Inclusion in UK Television Production. Go check it out here

P.S. If you would like to be involved with our working group, please email Sarah here


Premium Member’s Webinar – this Thursday’s webinar is Music and Sound Mixing. We are going into more detail around the music side of the sound delivery and then entering the world of the premix and final mix. Become a Premium Member & join us here


One thing we do at Post Super is help develop talent through training and mentorship & help you be visible to the industry in our Creative & Freelance Directory. We also help industry try and find new talent, it’s a simple process with an easy to follow Google form to capture all the information about the job and we share that with the whole Post Super community.

If you have a job to share with them fill out the below Google form and Sarah ( will be in touch.

Google form


Gemma is currently touring the country at the moment, doing outreach for the NFTS, this is funded by Netflix, Warner Media Access & Amazon Prime… We have three dates left – Cardiff, Manchester & Glasgow… Hopefully see you there.

Book your place for Cardiff here or Manchester here

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to mention and thank our wonderful sponsor Mnemonica for their ongoing support in helping us to bring exclusive content and much needed training to our members. We look forward to continuing to work together on new and exciting projects to benefit this growing community of Post Supers…

For more info about Mnemonica, click here

We wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

The Post Super Team