Newsletter: 14 April 2023


We did it!

Last thing on Friday but you have the weekly newsletter in your inboxes! Yay! It has been hard work this week… trying to get everything done (I am sure you are all feeling the same!).

So, we wanted to tell you about Post Super’s Community… And all that we do. Which is one reason why it has all been so hard… trying to quantify, download & describe is difficult! Community for us is the main reason why we do what we do, in fact, we try to relate everything we do BACK to this important pillar. So with the Information, training & tools… it all comes back to how we can best serve you.

Broadly we categorise Community into three parts…

1. Initiatives – Keeping the industry aware of Post Production Management & pushing for progress!

2. Events – Providing a place for you to all get together!

3. Outreach – Speaking to new people/industry There is a LOT MORE INFORMATION BELOW… but before you switch off because of information OVERLOAD!! We would like to say… We invest money we get from sponsorship, our tools, & training into providing more of ALL of the below. There is a reason we need more people in the office!! Please know that if you are a member & you contribute, by buying premium membership or searching our Post Production Directory, or offering your time, you are helping to fund ALL of the below. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you!


If there is something else you think we SHOULD be doing… Let us know! We would love to hear from you, email us here

Initiatives Yay! Gemma LOVES this part of the business!

Mental Health – Post Super are about to launch a brilliant new mental Health Initiate funded for us by the British Film Commission. More details to come over the next month but we are very excited to be partnering with the BFC & a leading mental health app, to start to try & improve the lives of Post Production professionals on a project, by project basis. This is something we would like to do A LOT MORE OF…

Awards recognition – We obviously sponsored last year’s UK PPS of the Year award but there are ongoing negotiations with lots of organisations/Awards to try to get them to add Post Supervision into their categories or awards eligibility – watch this space!

Mentoring schemes – We run a very informal mentoring scheme, we try to connect people with mentors in the industry. We are currently looking for further funding to carry this on, Please do register your interest with us though, so we can gage how much appetite there is for this! Email us here

Mastermind – We had a semi-successful couple off group masterminds that we set up in the first year… This did take off & its something we will do more of as part of the Premium Membership! Join here

Job Role Descriptions – We are currently consulting with Screenskills about their Job Roles descriptions for Band 2 projects, we are editing the role descriptions for Freelance Post Producer, Post Supervisor, Post Coordinator & Post PA. If you would like to contribute to this please get in contact asap and email Sarah

Television Access Project – We are heavily involved with TAP & will be working with the Post Production Workstream to make sure we push this disability access project as far into Post Production as it will go… Much more to come on this important initiative but please just know that it is about ensuring the full and equal inclusion of Deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent talent, both behind and in front of the camera.

Events Well, we have only really just got going with events… What with the end of Covid…!! We did a number of things last year & we are looking to do more of the same this year!

Parties – UK centric at the moment but we are looking to branch out. Keep an eye on the newsletter for more information on when they happen we have a few coming up in the next few months, we are looking to put together a calendar for you so you know when to expect the next one but in the interim… We have actually got a small exclusive event happening next week… Lightyear Post are hosting a live training/drinks evening for Post Supervisors & Coordinators. We will be talking about Object Based Sound & how this is tracklayed & mixed to comply with our current delivery requirements lists… Contact us quickly if you would like to come along! Tickets are VERY limited! Email Sarah here for yours…

Dinners – Some of you were lucky enough to be invited to one of our dinners last year… and didn’t we have some fun! These are one off events & sponsored by various lovely companies (Space Crate, Sohonet, Screenskills…) It is a great chance to have fun & the conversation definitely flows! We love these events, please register your interest to attend with Sarah

Awards – shhh… don’t tell anyone but we are organising our own awards in September… EXCITING!!! (More details to come soon!)

Outreach There are a number different methods we use for outreach…

Introductory Zoom Session – Gemma sets aside a weekly afternoon for anyone who is thinking of joining the ranks of Post Production Management. She has done sessions for people in the UK, USA & further away! We believe its really good to have a contact point for information & it is a chance for people who are thinking of joining the world of the PPS, to stop & get an honest assessment of what they want out of their career. Post isn’t right for everyone but it is good to have a conversation to check if its right for you! If you are contemplating Post & would like to reach out & book in please email

NFTS Taster Sessions – Going further than a 30 min zoom, this is the chance to come & do a taster day for the NFTS PPS course. Happening in May throughout the UK, Gemma will be travelling around (London, Manchester, Cardiff & Glasgow) & running day long taster sessions. If you are interested in coming along, please email the National Film & Television School directly to

Education – More info to come when we do a download of all the training we do, but broadly we run bootcamps & short training courses for people who don’t know about Post or who have limited Post Production Knowledge. We have run them for the BFI, Equal Access Network, Disability Training companies, The Production Guild as well as many others. We have lots more of this planned for the future & are hoping to set up some more sessions with the PGA as well at the Production Managers Association & The Production Guild. Please get in touch with Michael if you would like to know more or would like us to run a session for you!

UK Screen Alliance – Gemma is proud to have been elected to the council for the UK Screen Alliance, if you don’t know who they are then you probably should! Check them out here! They do incredibly important work to keep the UK’s Post Industry healthy!

Freelancer Industry Dialogue – BECTU, BFE, AMPS, Sound Social etc – There are lots of groups that we are in an active dialogue with, both in the UK & beyond. Making sure that the Post Management point of view is put across when needed & engaging to try to ensure communication is maintained. Its all important…

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to mention and thank our wonderful sponsor Shift Media for their ongoing support in helping us to bring exclusive content and much needed training to our members. We look forward to continuing to work together on new and exciting projects to benefit this growing community of Post Supers… For more info on Shift Media, click here

And that’s it… Next week we will go more into Information… Hopefully it will be a slightly shorter email!

Gemma & Jess x

P.S. Nice job for reading to the end!