James Eggleton and Delwyn Holroyd from CODEX, honored with Scientific and Technical Achievement Award

These awards celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies whose discoveries and innovations provide a lasting impact on the motion picture industry. This recognizes the design and integration of the CODEX High Density Encoding (HDE) lossless compression algorithm within the CODEX recording toolset.

As a valued technology partner of ARRI and ARRI Rental, CODEX developed HDE to significantly reduce data volume and costs when recording ARRIRAW on the ALEXA 65, with zero impact on image quality. HDE was then rolled out for all ARRIRAW cameras and has been universally adopted by filmmakers and content creators, making the best overall image quality available through a more efficient and affordable workflow.

Discover more about the significance of this important milestone and watch fascinating interviews with James and Delwyn offering candid views on the global effect of HDE across the industry.


If you want to find out more about CODEX High Density Encoding, please visit CODEX HDE

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