Film & TV Access Project – Post Workstream

Launched in August 2022 in response to the Underlying Health Condition campaign, TAP is an alliance of eleven of the UK’s biggest broadcasters and streamers who have pledged to work together to create a substantive and permanent structural shift in the TV & Film industry to ensure access provision for Disabled talent. Its vision is to see full inclusion by 2030 – that is to say, a television industry where no Disabled talent is ever excluded because barriers have been removed and equity created.

At the heart this is ambitious co-creation between disabled people and the wider industry to deliver sustainable solutions with buy-in for and from everyone. 

TAP is organised through six interconnected workstreams each comprising 8-12 members. The workstreams meet every three weeks and every six weeks they come together in a forum to discuss progress and shape future work. The workstreams focus on:  

1. Industry best practice guidance – How to make the 5As effective through training, monitoring and evaluating. 

2. Access to Work – how to make it fit for purpose and to support freelancers to make best use of it. 

3. Funding – how to create a pan-industry approach to paying for any adjustments and access costs. 

4. Access Coordinators – how to establish and standardize the role across all genres. 

5. Talent Retention and Progression – how to prevent the continuous exit of Disabled talent from the industry and how to nurture Disabled talent into long-lasting leadership and decision-making roles. 

6. Production Spaces – how to support Studios, Facilities, Post Production Houses, VFX, & Outside Broadcast Units to make these spaces accessible so Disabled people can carry out their roles on an equitable basis. 

The Post Production Workstream is being headed up by Gemma Nicholson (Post Super) & Cara Kotschy (Residence Pictures) & we would love you to get involved.

Please would you consider signing up for the workstream to get involved at a deeper level. Please email if you would like to join us…

See below further information:

The Underlying Health Condition report PDF – please let us know if you would like a non-PDF version.

The Creative Diversity Network’s locations check list: 

The Creative Diversity Network’s content guidelines:

An example of an AccessStatement template (attached below)

C4’s guidelines:  (NB BBC and ITV have their own versions too.)

The 5 As TAP guidance  TAP production guidelines for Disability Inclusion, the 5 As

And a one-page overview of TAP (attached below)