Clear Cut Group delivers AI transcription service

The Clear Cut Group is now offering their clients transcription services, the new streamlined solution offers multilingual and multi-channel transcriptions direct from client footage, removing the need for file exports for third parties. Clients can now deliver their media (on drives or over secure internet file transfer services) with peace of mind that Clear Cut can take care of any requirements of their media management from start to finish. The service can currently support multiple languages and the process is delivered at ultra-fast speed, enabling clients to focus on creativity.

Technical Director, Jess Nottage said “Offering our clients a one stop shop that utilises the latest AI technology meant that we could dramatically streamline the transcription process and reduce the ‘time to transcription’ for our clients.”

Some programmes recently post produced at Clear Cut Group include; Wilderness with Simon Reeve (The Garden for BBC Two); The Changemakers (Proper Content for Paramount+); Fresh Cops (Full Fat TV for BBC Three); Drugs Map of Britain (BBC Digital Originals); Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job (Voltage TV for BBC One)

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