Celebrating Women in Film, TV, and Advertising: Gemma Nicholson, Post Production Supervisor and Co-Founder of Post Super

For the next story in our series celebrating International Women’s Day, Sohonet continues its journey of exploration into the experiences of leading women in our industry. These captivating interviews delve into their triumphs, challenges, and the invaluable insights they offer on empowerment and promotion within our field. 

Today, we’re highlighting Gemma Nicholson, a Post Production Supervisor and Co-Founder of Post Super. Gemma’s journey started in the sound-cutting rooms of major films in the early 2000s. Transitioning to Post Coordinating and Supervising in 2009, she leveraged her experience to co-found Post Super, a venture dedicated to educating, informing, and supporting freelancers, Post Producers, Supervisors, and Coordinators in Film & High-End Television.

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