Rough Assembly’s Assistant Editor Toolkit just launched!

The Rough Assembly’s Assistant Editor Toolkit just launched!

The Rough Assembly are excited to announce the release of the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit, their new professional resource to support Editorial Trainees and Assistant Editors’ career development in the cutting room.

Check out the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit here

What is the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit?

The Skills Guide: A comprehensive document for Editorial Trainees and Assistant Editors to keep track of technical skills they have learnt from job to job, separated into Avid Media Composer, Paperwork, Rushes, Turnovers and Editing. 

The Review Guide: A document to give them the space to review their progress on their current job, including what skills they have learnt and what they would like to learn next. 

What does the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit do?

For Post Production Supervisors and 1st Assistant Editors:

  • Details a thorough list of skills that make up an Assistant Editor’s skillset
  • Gives you a list of tasks your team members have learnt on previous jobs
  • Provides a template for reviewing your team member’s progress
  • Promotes cohesion and consistency between cutting rooms
  • Allows new team members to integrate more quickly into busy cutting rooms 
  • Supports smoother transitions from education or other careers into editorial
  • Encourages mentorship and camaraderie within the department

For 2nd Assistant Editors and Edit Trainees:

  • Empowers them to build a roadmap for their training and professional development
  • Keeps track of what they have learnt across different productions
  • Provides clarity on what makes up an Assistant Editor’s skillset
  • Contextualises tasks as part of the overall post production process
  • Builds confidence in the skills they learnt
  • Encourages gradual, self-paced and steady learning through their career


“Having not gone to university or film school, starting my initial traineeship on a feature film was a lot to take in. However, with this Assistant Editor’s Toolkit, new entrants into the industry will be able to easily manage and monitor their training. In a currently booming industry, this toolkit can be hugely beneficial for trainees wanting to become a well-rounded and successful assistant editor.” – Harry Allpass (Napoleon, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Eternals)

“Comprehensive and accurate Assistant Editor training can be patchy to come by for new industry entrants and varies widely depending upon the opportunities trainees are exposed to. The Assistant Editor’s Toolkit is a solid, easy-to-use tool trainees can utilise to ensure they are learning everything they need to and can ensure there are no gaps in their knowledge as they progress.” – Aideen Johnston (The Crown, Romantic Getaway, Love Without Walls)

“This Toolkit is an invaluable resource not only for new entrants to the industry, but also for Second Assistant Editors and First Assistant Editors wanting a thorough, complete guide of topics to go through with their Trainees. It is a fantastic functional way to ensure Editorial Trainees have a well-rounded knowledge to truly excel as the future of film and television.” – Paola Bacialli (The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Midnight Sky, Godmothered)

“Entering the world of Post-Production can be a complicated and daunting task. The Assistant Editor’s Toolkit is the perfect guide I wish I had had when I first started in the industry. It is a detailed document that will make you feel more confident about acquiring all the new skills you need to become an exceptional AE. This Toolkit is, without a doubt, a gift for both veterans and future generations in the industry.” – Idoia Hernández Colorado (The Witcher: Blood Origin, Midtown)

“With so much content being produced these days, and so many Assistant Editors rising so quickly, it’s great to see a tool that helps them to develop the wide range of skills they need for their current and future roles.” – Ben Whitehead (Slow Horses, The Last Kingdom, Temple)

“Your first industry job can feel like such a daunting experience, but the Assistant Editor’s Toolkit provides Trainees with a thorough skills checklist that helps them to understand what the job entails and to keep track of their progress.” – Tom Uppington (The Buccaneers, My Lady Jane)

The Assistant Editor’s Toolkit was created by Eleanor Adler, Ellie Stiles and Samuel Marquez and was reviewed by a team of Editors, Assistant Editors and Editorial Trainees during its development.

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