POST SUPER is a platform founded in 2019 by sisters Gemma Nicholson and Jessica Hartley. The inspiration behind this was a desire to create a platform that Post Management could tap into for Community, Information, Training and Tools.

Post Super is a personal passion project for Gemma who had spent over 22 years in Post Production. Gaining a wealth of experience from working on prestigious and diverse projects, such as multiple Harry Potter’s to massive High End Episodic Television productions like Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as well as lower budget TV & Film for the BFI & BBC. Gemma was first a Sound Editor, then a successful Post Coordinator & Supervisor and it was through her experiences as the latter that she came to fully understand the frustrations & needs of the Post Management Community. Gemma gets excited about the information & training part of Post Super & she runs multiple courses on Post Supervision for the NFTS, Screenskills as well as courses for the Premium members!

Jess’s experience as a ‘connector’ was perfect to create and develop a platform that delivered to the community what was missing. Together, they developed a website hub that has evolved into a key destination for anyone working in Post Production.


Post Super is a platform designed to help Freelance Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators as well as Post Facility managers, all of whom work in Film & High End Television. We do this by providing them with four key elements


We are providing a centre for our community, to share knowledge and to allow for cross pollination of ideas, concepts & solutions in order that we can collectively generate streamlined workflows, share best practice and proactively network.


A website based Knowledge Base for the Post Management Community. A free resource to provide information specifically aimed at Post Production Managers. This will enable Studios, Creative Producers, Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators to effectively plan and execute Post at the highest levels.


Post Super provides specific courses for Post Production Managers. We work with lots of education providers, including the NFTS, Ravensbourne University, Screenskills and others as well as having our own carefully curated courses which are industry checked and ready to help educate both newcomers and experienced Post Management Professionals.


Our Post Production Directory is a key tool to help connect Post Production Facilities, Services & Freelancers with the people who are actively looking - The Post Production Managers! We already have hundreds of listings, so log in and take a look! This is the first tool that we have developed, and it won’t be the last!

Who are the Post Production Managers?

Post Production Managers, Producers, Supervisors & Coordinators are effectively an extremely specialized number of individuals working on the front lines of Film and HETV Post Production. Originally this role was carried out by the 1st Assistant Picture Editors, who would control the Post Production process and ensure that everyone worked together well to get the project finished, however with the advent of the digital workflow and commonly used VFX the job got a whole lot more difficult!

So fast forward to 2021!

Post Production Producers & Supervisors are now the line producers in Post production and we have huge spending power because we control Post Production budget, schedule and where the work gets done for all the content that gets made. We are now a well respected part of the Film & HETV team and are considered a Key HOD position.

Up until Post Super came into existence, there were no formal resources for the post management community, but we now have a thriving community of over 2000 members across the globe! All of whom eagerly consume the content that they have been starved of up until now!

How can you get involved?

Please contact us if you want to become a Sponsorship partner for our Knowledge Base or if you would like to list your Facility or Company listed on the Post Production Directory.