Post Super is the complete worldwide destination for knowledge, training, news and collaboration for Film and High-End TV Post Production. Created by experienced Post Supervisors who wanted to create a one stop destination to effectively plan and execute Post whilst providing a centre for the industry to come together as a community, share knowledge, generate streamlined workflows, share best practices and proactively network.

Post Super allows Post Producers, Supervisors and Co-ordinators (as well as Post Facility Managers managing Post in-house!) to improve their skills in all areas of Post Production management. It also allows them to FIND the very best facilities, talent and services for their next projects.

Up until Post Super was created there were no formal resources for people managing post production in film and TV, now we proudly engage with a niche community of over 2,500 global members!


Specific training for Post Supervisors and Post Production management has rarely been addressed, that is why Post Super have created resources and courses to raise the level of understanding and knowledge across the broad skillset that is required in these important roles that are crucial to the completion of Film & TV.

Knowing how to glue the process of Post Production together, to keep schedules & budgets in check, motivate and get the best out of individuals and use appropriate services when necessary is incredibly important to making a high quality TV program, series or Film. The complexities of each production’s environment and the processes that make up Post Production takes a wide range of knowledge.

This knowledge can of course also change from project to project dependent on the timelines, technical requirements, creative direction and monetary restrictions. This constantly evolving job relies on constant training and keeping an up-to-date skillset.

Post Super strives to make sure that anybody who manages Post Production can be fully equipped with all the latest knowledge and information to deliver the very best in their positions.


Having a resource of the very best facilities, services and talent in Post Production is key for anyone in Post Production Management to be able to execute a successful project. Post Super is in the process of making it easy to navigate Post Production Resources across the globe, by filtering on locations and necessary requirements.  We aim to provide all the information required so that each production can make the best plan possible.

Not only are facilities & services listed but a growing number of creatives and Freelancers are also included to put their talents in front of the decision makers and make sure that their next job is never far away.


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